With These Gluten-Free Drinks You Won’t Be Thirsty This Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we know how much you enjoy this Holiday Season. You are probably worry thinking how are you going to celebrate this Christmas if you go out for dinner and you can’t even have a drink. Social events have been a little awkward for you lately because you have eaten or drank something […] Continue reading

What You Need to Do to Have a Merry Gluten-Free Christmas Feast These Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas day is upon us. We are getting ready for the most special day of the year. Some of us like planning ahead and not leaving things for the last minute. If you celebrate Christmas and will have people coming over for dinner, you know that requires a lot of planification. My husband Matt and I […] Continue reading

Our Top Gluten-Free Food Brands List Tested by Us That You May Not Know About 

There is a wide variety of gluten-free products out there. Different flavors, shapes and brands. But which ones are better for you? Which ones are junk? Which ones are really great quality and won’t hurt your stomach? You wish you had sort of a directory where you can look up the best products to buy because you are tired of getting sick after […] Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Gluten-Free Living

Are you tired of having painful and uncomfortable symptoms after eating some foods? Would you describe those discomforts as constipation, swollen belly, mood swings or brain fog? Have you noticed that the foods that cause you those unpleasant symptoms are flours and grains? Are you wondering why that's happening? […] Continue reading

How to Make Your Way to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle. What Celiacs (and Non-celiacs) Need to Do to Eat Safe and Tasty 

Have you been feeling sick lately after eating certain foods? How many times have you had ended up sitting on the toilet with a bad stomach-ache after eating at a restaurant? Is your stomach getting swollen or constipated after eating? I bet you are […] Continue reading

9 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes for Halloween (+9 Decoration Tips)

Halloween is coming and I bet you would like to have something related to this celebration in your house. In case someone comes trick or treating, you would like a small Halloween decoration. Spending a lot of money in some cardboard pumpkins that you are going […] Continue reading

Trial and Error  

After selling our first Vookies in NY, Matt and I had to deal with our first problem in the business. We couldn’t keep selling our alfajores anymore at the local coffee place Book Revue. Matt and I visited other coffee shops and restaurants in Huntington and gave away free samples of Vookies. We were expecting to sell more of our delicious gluten-free cookie […] Continue reading

Vookies’ Last Day On The Coffe Shop’s Shelf  

It was definitely exciting waking up one day during the past holidays in NY knowing that Matt and I had sold our first Vookies in a local coffee shop. As part of the agreement with Book Revue, we agreed to sell them the next day a large amount of Vookies. We stayed up late that night preparing more batches of our fresh gluten-free caramel […] Continue reading

How Our 1st Batch of Gluten-Free “Vookies” Sold Themselves in December of 2017 

To continue sharing our story on how Matt and I started selling “Vookies” in under a month, during the holidays in NY we went to a coffee place called Book Revue in Huntington Village. Matt spoke to the owner (who happened to be Latin), and he asked him if we could start selling our alfajores in his shop. He agreed and we decided to […] Continue reading

How “Vookies” Went From An Idea To Cookies Sold In Under A Month 

It’s already January 30th and the first month of 2018 is almost gone. I’m sitting on the terrace of a very nice hotel in Medellin, Colombia contemplating its beautiful view after spending New Year’s Eve surrounded by family and friends in Costa Rica […] Continue reading

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