How to Make Your Way to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle. What Celiacs (and Non-celiacs) Need to Do to Eat Safe and Tasty

Have you been feeling sick lately after eating certain foods? How many times have you had ended up sitting on the toilet with a bad stomach-ache after eating at a restaurant? Is your stomach getting swollen or constipated after eating? I bet you are getting paranoid after each meal because you know there is something wrong going on, but you are [] Continue reading

How to Eat a Gluten-Free Diet. Everything You Need to Do to Remove Gluten From Your Meals

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every time you are hungry you could just sit down and eat whatever you feel like eating? And how about not worrying thinking of the food options that make you sick? All these sound great, but in reality, sometimes is not exactly like that. Dinner is my favorite meal of the day. I usually put more effort into whatever I will be […] Continue reading

The Best Gluten-Free Pizza Options For Celiacs

Who doesn’t like Italian food? Everyone, right? Who doesn’t like hanging out with friends and family on a Saturday night with delicious food on the table? Everyone, right? I don’t know about you but when it comes to weekends I like to spend less time cooking and more time resting, relaxing, and eating something tasty. Even if I don’t rest, I like enjoying […] Continue reading

Certified Gluten-Free Pasta Brands

Very frequently I sit down and start brainstorming about the menu my husband who is celiac and I will be eating during the week. Most of the time I look forward to cooking something delicious that doesn’t take so much time. One of those tasty and easy to make meals is pasta. Whether it’s plain, with sauce, meat, spaghetti, ravioli, fettuccini […] Continue reading

Certified Gluten-Free Nuts Brands

There are many questions out there about food being or not gluten-free. Is paella gluten-free? Is sushi gluten-free? Is ice cream gluten-free? Are smoothies gluten-free? OMG, it can be very frustrating sometimes having so many questions that have no answers, especially when it comes to food. For celiacs, eating can become a non-enjoyable […] Continue reading

Why Are Most High Processed Foods Not Gluten-Free?

How many times have you tried starting a diet to lose weight and you stay the same for weeks and even gain more pounds? How many times have you started eating what you believe is a healthy diet, and nothing, your weight simply doesn’t change. How many times you have decided to join a gluten-free diet because you are celiac and/or […] Continue reading

How to Identify Celiac Disease

Have you ever thought that one small amount of food protein could represent a serious threat to your body and life? Who would have considered a small amount of that food protein an enemy that you had to fight and cut off from your life? When we think about an enemy we think about a person, maybe a bad guy trying to hurt us, beat […] Continue reading

Where to Buy Gluten-Free Food in New York?

It’s not a secret for anyone that going food shopping can be sometimes an annoying routine to do. It is a routine because we have to frequently go to food stores to get the food that we are going to cook and eat in our meals. When you are celiac, going food shopping can be even more annoying for 2 reasons, the first one is because the […] Continue reading

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