The Essential Food Products Celiacs Should Always Have in Their Kitchens to Cook Safe Gluten-Free Meals

We all have certain items that we always carry around everywhere we go. If you are a guy, you probably carry a backpack around with your wallet, keys, your phone, a pen, headphones and a book. If you are a woman, you probably carry around a purse with makeup, keys, a comb, and gum. In my case I always carry around my phone, laptop […] Continue reading

The Step-by-Step Guide You Need to Follow to Learn How to Avoid Cross-Contamination and Eat Safe Meals

This is very simple. Do you want to start or maintain a safe gluten-free lifestyle? If you are not sure about it, take some time to think but let me ask you something: are you tired of getting sick after eating certain food? Let me guess, those food are mostly bread, cookies, pastas and anything made with flour? You may have a gluten intolerance […] Continue reading

Celiacs: Do You Want to Have a Gluten-Free Kitchen? Start Incorporating These Food Products Into Your Fridge

Gluten-free kitchen? Is that even a thing? Of course it is. If you are celiac, you must take serious actions to remove wheat, rye and barley completely from your diet. You already know that gluten is your enemy, and what do you do with enemies? You fight them, you cut them off your lives, you don’t get close to them. Same here. Treat gluten as […] Continue reading

The Complete New Year’s Resolutions for Celiacs to Start 2019 With a Safe Gluten-Free Lifestyle

2019.... Sounds far away from us, but the truth is that we are just weeks away from it. Ending one year and receiving a new one is always exciting but it can make you feel nostalgic too. Saying goodbye to something that you will never see again can be tough. The same thing happens with 2018, we will never see […] Continue reading

How to Start a Gluten-Free 2019. What Celiacs Need to do To Avoid Gluten

December is almost gone. An amazing year is about to end. A lot of lessons learned, ongoing projects, happy moments and tough ones too. I’m sure all of us have something in common: 2018 has been a year of growth. In my case, I started this year traveling within Latin America. I welcomed 2018 in San Jose, Costa Rica surrounded by […] Continue reading

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