How to Travel With Celiac Disease. Here is What You Need to Do to Enjoy a Gluten-Free Trip

2019 is here. We all wrote down our TO DO lists or bucket lists for this year that had just begun. One of people’s most common New Year's Resolutions is traveling. Traveling the world, traveling the country, traveling the city, anything related to leaving your comfort zone and flying or driving to a place to enjoy the sight, enjoy and […] Continue reading

What Snacks Are Gluten-Free?

I’m sure most people have something in common: we all want to pursue a healthy and balanced eating lifestyle. Even if it isn’t a strict diet that is gonna make us lose weight to look thinner, we are looking for better eating habits to live a healthier life. In my case, I always had really terrible eating habits. I would eat literally anything that I […] Continue reading

What Mayonnaise Brands Are Gluten-Free?

There are a lot of doubts about mayonnaise being or not gluten-free. Actually, that same doubt is out there for almost all food. Tomato sauce, butter, salad dressings, peanut butter, worcestershire sauce, salsa, oil, juice, milk. You always wonder if something you would like to eat contains or not gluten. But the truth is that nowadays many […] Continue reading

What Cheese Brands are Gluten-Free?

Every time I go food shopping to buy something for my husband who is celiac, I spend, or I think the right word would be waste, so much time reading all the labels to find out if the ingredients are gluten-free, and trying to research on my phone what are the best options for celiacs. It can be confusing because what we hear is that most […] Continue reading

The Guide You Need to Identify Gluten Hidden Forms in Products that Are Not Food

Gluten-free food. You have heard that a lot right? If you are celiac, those may be the words you often hear the most. “This bread is gluten-free”, “those cookies have no gluten”, “that cake is not made with wheat flour”, “stay away of gluten-based food because that’s what makes you feel sick”. Phrases like that I bet you hear all the time. People […] Continue reading

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