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39 Original Recipes That Can Be Made In 30 Minutes Or Less, With 10 Ingredients Or Less For Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks Or Dinner Without Risking Your Health

Have You Been 
Struggling With Your Health Lately?

Are You tired of feeling sick after eating certain food?

How many times have you ended up sitting on the toilet with a bad stomach ache after eating at a restaurant?

Are you hoping to eat safe but still delicious?

Do You Have A Friend Or A Family Member Who Is Celiac And You Don’t Know How Or What To Cook For Him/Her?

Or perhaps you are not Celiac but after eating gluten you have swollen belly, constipation, feel very gassy and you don’t know how to avoid those symptoms.

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar...

No more bread, pizzas, cakes or delicious meals. 

You preferred to stay home than going out with friends because eating at restaurant was a nightmare for you.

You don't know what to cook to improve your diet and health.

We Get That Feeling. 

Like you, we have spent more time on the toilet with bad stomach aches than enjoying a meal.

   Here's How To Avoid Stomach Aches And Brain Fog Without
Sacrificing Taste...

​The Easy Gluten-Free Recipe Cookbook Shows You How To Make A Variety Of New Tasty Meals That Are Free From Gluten, And Won't Take You Longer Than 30 Minutes To Make (And Each Requires Just 10 Ingredients Or Less)

This Online Cookbook Helps You Make More Than 35 Meals With Safe Brands And Clear Cooking Tips. Your Reward Will Be A Tasty Non-Cross-Contaminated Meal That Can Be Made Even By A Rookie.

Here Is What You Get With The Cookbook

1. Peace Of Mind, "Gluten Safe" Recipes 

We know how painful it can be to always feel sick after eating gluten. In the recipe book we share researched (and personally tested) brand recommendations to help you avoid stomach aches, pain, or brain fog. We give you the tools and ideas so you can enjoy your own delicious gluten-free menu.

2. Spend Less Time In The Kitchen With Fast To Make Recipes

Most cookbooks sell complicated recipes. The Easy Gluten-Free Recipe Cookbook offers effortless recipes and researched brands recommendations. We give you tips that will be helpful, especially if you have limited cooking experience. Spend 30 minutes or less making just one meal.

3. Enjoy Delicious (Non-Boring) Meals

Stop being at the mercy of a strict diet. You don’t have to eat boring food if you can’t eat gluten. You can still eat everything you used to eat before you were diagnosed Celiac, but without those ingredients that bother you.

4. Gluten-Free Meals That Everyone Can Enjoy

 - These recipes are perfect for Celiacs who are looking to eat safe and delicious.

- Non Celiacs who are looking to improve their diet can enjoy them.

- Friends, family, everyone can have a bite!

The brands we recommend are tested by us or certified by the following:

What's Included In The Cookbook:


39 Different and easy recipes that you can turn into delicious meals in just 30 minutes or less.

Breakfast To Start The Day

Breakfast is the key to have a successful daily diet so we want you to start your day with the best menu. A variety of Venezuelan arepas, American pancakes, banana bread and more delicious options will make you feel satisfied.

Snacks For Whims

You get 13 types of cakes, from chocolate and lemon pies, to three milks and cookie cake, and ice cream, donuts, oatmeal cookies and sweet milk balls for snacks.

Appetizers For Friends And Family

7 different types of new appetizers made with delicious ingredients. Why not sharing artichoke and cheese stuffed bread, chicken soup, cheese sticks, spreadable creams and a delicious big size sandwich with friends and family? 

​​​Lunch and Dinner For Two

Make lunch and dinner special by sharing chicken nuggets, meatballs, plantain lasagna and cilantro, spinach and tomato rice with them.

Cooking Tips

Tips for every recipe that will make your cooking time easy, stress-free, and pleasant.

Gluten Free Brands Recommendations

Save time using our researched brands recommendations instead of trying uncertified, risky ingredients that will make you feel sick.

Here's A Quick Preview Of What It Looks Like Inside

Follow These Steps

Start Enjoying Safe And Delicious Meals If You Want To Say Goodbye To Stomach Aches...

Step 1. Click on the “Yes, I Want The Cookbook” button below to get access to the Easy Gluten-Free Recipes e-book and fill out the form.

Step 2. Pick your favorite meal from the Cookbook and make it fast (in 30 minutes or less).

Step 3. Sit down and enjoy with family and friends your delicious safe gluten-free meals.


If you read the cookbook recipes, cook them, and feel that they are not delicious and/or not as easy to make as you thought, don’t worry. If you make an honest effort to use the cookbook and aren't happy, we’ll refund 100% of your money within the first 30 days of your purchase. The only requirement is that you send us valid feedback with the reason for your refund request.

Sign up for the Cookbook now and start eating healthy, tasty, and gluten-free.


Stop worrying about getting sick after eating at a restaurant, stop relying on brands that are not certified, and we guarantee you that you won’t be forced to spend another missed meal on the toilet because you are in too much pain.

PS: You don’t need to eat boring or bland (or not at all!) just because you have a gluten sensitivity. If you want tasty and safe meals then you need this cookbook. It’s going to keep you off the toilet, let you eat delicious again, and it will make your non-gluten friends super jealous.