The Complete New Year’s Resolutions for Celiacs to Start 2019 With a Safe Gluten-Free Lifestyle

by Mariana Lessmann

2019... Sounds far away from us, but the truth is that we are just weeks away from it. Ending one year and welcoming a new one is always exciting but it can make us feel nostalgic too. Saying goodbye to something that you will never see again can be tough. The same thing will happen with 2018, we will never see it again once it’s gone. For me, New Years Eve is a very intense moment. I get very emotional because goodbyes are sad for me. I have said goodbye to so many close people in my life. We were all separated because of the crisis that has been happening in Venezuela for years. So farewells of any kind make me very sad, and saying goodbye to a year that may or may have not been good to me, has turned into an emotional moment for me. My life changed. I used to spend every single New Year’s Eve in my hometown Caracas surrounded by family. I have 7 siblings, so every Holiday was very crowded. My family and I used to celebrate the countdown in our backyard with an amazing view of the city and the sky lit up with colorful fireworks while Venezuelan typical music was been played. Since I was a teenager, I started making a list of things I didn’t like about the year that was about to end, and looked forward to change those things in the next one. I also made a new list of things that I wanted to do, and how could I turn the bad ones into better ones. Since I started dating Matt who is celiac, my priorities changed. Now, every Holiday is different. I no longer eat the same gluten-containing dishes I used to eat before we started living together. Everything I eat now is gluten-free, and for this New Year’s Eve (the second we spend together), we will be making safe gluten-free food for him to eat. Last year we spent December 31 in San Jose, Costa Rica and I remember how we had to cook his food separated than everyone else’s at the party because there was gluten all around. Every time I see Matt feeling sick after eating cross-contaminated food, I feel like if it was me getting sick. It frustrates me to see him having a hard time after eating dealing with the typical symptoms of celiac disease: inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, gastric distress, brain fog, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, gastric reflux, heartburn, headache, irritability, fatigue, tiredness, skin rashes, depression. So for me, welcoming 2019 is a commitment to keep researching more about celiac disease, and keep helping Matt to maintain a strict gluten-free lifestyle with no cross-contamination. We may all have different resolutions for next year, but the important thing is to motivate each other to do what we want. That’s why we created this complete New Year’s resolutions for celiacs to start 2019 with a safe gluten-free lifestyle, because we want you to eat safe food, stay healthy, and find some inspiration and motivation in our story. Now take a piece of paper and a pen, and start writing down your resolutions!  

1. I will eat safe

No matter what you’ll do, try to always eat safe options that are going to keep you healthy.  

Having to eat a gluten-free diet, although you may not see it this way, it gives you an opportunity to eat healthy.  

So take that opportunity to avoid all kind of high processed food and cheat meals that are going to make you feel sick.  

Include more naturally gluten-free food in your diet. If you need suggestions, we will share with you a list of options:  

- Eggs: All eggs that have no preservatives added.  

- Fruits: All fresh and frozen fruits (apple, apricot, bananas, blueberries, peach, raspberries, watermelon), and 100% natural fruit juices.  

- Grains: Amaranth, yucca, buckwheat, chia, quinoa, chestnut, millet, corn, polenta, plain rice in all forms (white, brown, wild), cassava, tapioca, beans, and flaxseed.  

- Meat: All fresh meats (beef, bison, chicken, duck, ham, lamb, pork, turkey) with no preservatives added, and not processed.  

- Nuts and Seeds: Natural and non-flavored nuts and seeds that are not processed like peanut, cashew, almond, hazelnut, macadamia nut, pecan, pistachio, sesame seeds, chestnut, and walnuts.  

- Potatoes: All natural potatoes (and sweet potatoes) baked, boiled or mashed.  

- Seafood: Fresh and raw fish, and seafood (clam, crab, lobster, octopus, oyster, salmon, sardine, shrimp, snapper, swordfish, tilapia, tuna) with no preservatives or additives added.  

- Vegetables and Legumes: All fresh and natural vegetables and legumes (artichoke, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprout, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, celery, cucumber, eggplant, green bean, lettuce, mushroom, onions, parsley, peas, radish, spinach).

2. I won’t eat at restaurants very often

Eating at restaurants is one of the main things celiacs should avoid doing. The risk of cross-contamination is very high. Food orders happen every minute. Waiters take orders and go to the kitchen where the chef or cook is making several dishes at the same time. Can you imagine how many gluten-based appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts they make per minute? Can you imagine the chef cutting a slice of bread, and then using that same knife to cut your food? The crumbs from the knife would go straight to your food, and without even knowing it, your food will be cross-contaminated and you will end up getting sick, so as part of your New Year’s resolutions to start 2019 with a safe gluten-free lifestyle, think twice before going out to eat at a restaurant.  

3. I will eat delicious

Let me ask you a question, who told you that eating gluten-free means eating boring or bland? Whoever said that can’t be farther away from the truth. Eating gluten-free only means you can’t eat wheat, rye or barley, it doesn’t mean anything else. Just find your favorite meals and look up for their recipes. You can do that same recipe modifying the gluten-containing ingredients. What you need to do is to substitute those gluten-based ingredients for the ones that are gluten-free. We have our top gluten-free food brands and I’m sure you have yours too. So when you go food shopping, buy those ingredients that you need for making the recipes and get the ones from the brands you like. If you want to eat safe but tasty, and you are not willing to spend too much time in the kitchen, click here to check out our Cookbook. It contains 39 easy recipes to make.  

4. I will save money

Yes, we know that gluten-free food is more expensive than regular food, but there are many ways to not spend too much money at the Supermarket. Start with making a budget for your shopping list and set up a limit of money you are willing to spend per grocery shopping. Look for cheaper ingredients (naturally gluten-free food are cheaper than gluten-free brands) so buy more vegetables, grains and fruits. Instead of buying food mix bags, buy all the ingredients for making a recipe from scratch. This way you will not spend as much money as you used to.  

5. I will stay healthy

Your health is your priority, so take care of it.  

Don’t minimize the importance of celiac disease. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, exclude gluten from your diet because you are more likely to have an intolerance to gluten:  

- Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract - Gastric distress - Brain fog - Constipation - Bloating - Diarrhea - Gastric reflux - Heartburn - Headache - Irritability - Fatigue - Tiredness - Skin rashes - Depression  

6. I will improve my social life

Probably since you were diagnosed with celiac disease, your social life changed. You no longer feel enthusiastic about going out with friends or family, not because you don’t want to, but because you are afraid you might get sick. Being celiac doesn’t mean you can’t go out and eat. It means you can’t eat wheat, rye or barley. So if you want to go out, do it but pack safe food with you and take it wherever you go. This way, if you get hungry at a party, you don’t have to eat an unsafe cheat meal, just do like Matt does, he carries his lunchbox around every time we go out.  

7. I will cook more

To start 2019 with a safe gluten-free lifestyle, don’t forget to include in your New Year’s resolutions, cooking more. Eating at restaurants, doing takeouts, or eating at a friends’ house will never be as safe as you cooking your own meals in a gluten-free kitchen with safe ingredients. I know cooking can be annoying for many people, especially if they are lazy, but the truth is that if you are your own cook, you will know for sure that what you are about to eat is gluten-free and won’t be cross-contaminated.  

8. I will stay positive

There is a lot of information about gluten-free living, but stop feeling frustrated because you have to exclude from your diet wheat, rye and barley. You can still eat very delicious than before you were diagnosed with celiac disease. You just need to substitute those ingredients that can hurt your stomach for the ones that are safe. Don’t be afraid of trying new recipes. If they taste good, you will feel more motivated to keep trying new recipes until you have a very delicious menu.  

9. I won’t cheat

Don’t destroy the healthy habit that you have by eating a cheat meal one day. DON’T CHEAT! Recovering after you are sick can be very annoying, it can even affect your mood, so it’s better if you stick to your gluten-free diet and avoid the temptation of eating high processed gluten-based food. Write down and read your New Year’s resolutions to start 2019 with a safe gluten-free lifestyle and you’ll have a happy and healthy year!  

by Mariana Lessmann


We are Mariana Lessmann and Matt Ackerson.

Mariana graduated from Communications & Journalism in Caracas, Venezuela, and has over 10 years of experience as a writer. She has worked on Digital Marketing, and for over 10 prestigious Cable Television Channels aired in Latin America. Matt graduated from Cornell University in New York. He started his own company in 2010, and has been running it by himself since then. Matt is an expert in Marketing, Sales, and creating 6-Figure Funnels for online businesses.

Over the past year we decided to start a company together and created "Vookies", that later expanded and became "Be Breader". We have been helping celiacs around the world to optimize and improve their health by incorporating safe and delicious meals into their daily menus.


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