With These Gluten-Free Drinks You Won’t Be Thirsty This Holiday Season

by Mariana Lessmann

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we know how much you enjoy this Holiday Season. You are probably worry thinking how are you going to celebrate this Christmas if you go out for dinner and you can’t even have a drink. Social events have been a little awkward for you lately because you have eaten or drank something, and immediately you have started to feel sick in the middle of the party. I understand that situation. My husband Matt is celiac (and maybe the most sensitive person to gluten in America). When we started dating, going out became awkward because everywhere we went, there was always gluten around. Whenever we went to a restaurant, he would get sick even if the food was sold as gluten-free. Everytime we went for drinks, he would get sick because the alcohol had gluten. Social events were stressful because we were more worried about the uncertainty of getting sick or not, than actually enjoying the moments. So we decided to go out less. Was that the solution for that problem? For many celiacs it is, for others it is not. Going out and eating at a restaurant sounds like something very common for people to do. But the truth is that for celiacs may not be that common. For Matt and I, stop going to restaurants or out for drinks worked for a while. But after a certain point we wanted to go back to that part of our social lives. Anyhow, we came up with a couple of solutions that would make him go somewhere and not get sick. If you are wondering what’s safe for you to drink, and you are looking forward to this Christmas Eve because you want to enjoy and celebrate with family and friends, we have a solution for you. With these gluten-free drinks you will no longer be thirsty, nor you will get sick this Holiday season. So grab a glass, fill it with ice, and get ready to make a toast this Christmas.  

Hey beer lover, did you know that not all beers contain gluten?  

Well, good news, because this Christmas you can still celebrate with a beer on your hand.  

Ground Breaker Brewing is the first dedicated gluten-free brewery in the United States that brews, bottles, and distributes naturally gluten-free beers from their production facility in southeast Portland, Oregon.  

If you are looking for a celiac-safe alcohol drink, you should definitely try this because besides using only naturally gluten-free ingredients (they don’t use corn derived sugars or coloring agents), they have the Gluten-Free Certification.  

They also make sure you drink a super safe and non-cross-contaminated beer by not allowing gluten-containing food in their facility.  

So if you are looking for a safe alcoholic beverage, Ground Breaker Brewing is a safe option for you.  

Lakefront Brewery is a Company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leaders in brewing the best beers. They started in 1987, and are the first brewery in the U.S. to receive federal approval to brew a gluten-free beer.  

Their gluten-free beers are made from rice, hops, water, sorghum, and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses. They are perfect for celiacs who are looking to celebrate this Christmas with a certified gluten-free alcoholic beverage.  

With more than 3 decades in the beer industry, they have been offering safe alternatives to people who are intolerant to wheat, rye and barley, and need to drink gluten-free beverages.  

This craft brewery also offers guided tours in their brewer so people can have a taste and have a good time there. Even non-alcoholic beverages and tours in Spanish are available.  

So if you are planning having fun with friends and family, a guided tour at their brewer sounds like a fun option for you.  

For those people who like drinking Vodka, we have the perfect brand for you.  

Did you imagine having a Certified Gluten-Free drink this Christmas to celebrate the Holiday Season?  

Hanson of Sonoma have different flavored Vodkas that will make you feel safe after drinking them. If you get sick it will be because you drank a lot, but not because they had gluten.  

This family owned artisan distillery offer celiacs (and drinkers in general) the opportunity to enjoy a safe, organic, grape-based, gluten-free and non-GMO Vodka distilled from organic grapes infused with organic ingredients.  

Original, cucumber, ginger and mandarin are some of the Hanson of Sonoma’s flavored Vodkas that are made with hand-peeled, organic fruits, no artificial flavors nor added sugars that will make you celebrate this Holiday Season with a safe gluten-free drink.  

by Mariana Lessmann


We are Mariana Lessmann and Matt Ackerson.

Mariana graduated from Communications & Journalism in Caracas, Venezuela, and has over 10 years of experience as a writer. She has worked on Digital Marketing, and for over 10 prestigious Cable Television Channels aired in Latin America. Matt graduated from Cornell University in New York. He started his own company in 2010, and has been running it by himself since then. Matt is an expert in Marketing, Sales, and creating 6-Figure Funnels for online businesses.

Over the past year we decided to start a company together and created "Vookies", that later expanded and became "Be Breader". We have been helping celiacs around the world to optimize and improve their health by incorporating safe and delicious meals into their daily menus.


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